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Once in a lifetime something comes along that makes an impression that gets everyone talking. Introducing Pet Peanut, the cutest, most lovable peanut on the planet. Get your own Pet Peanut here, as well as amazing merch: T-shirts, baseball caps, coffee mugs, flip flops, water bottles, and much more.

Rave Reviews!


Original gift!

I got a T-shirt for my girlfriend and she loves it almost as much as me.

— Sam Winston


A fun surprise!

I sent the flip flops to my niece for her birthday and her reaction was priceless.

— Terri Cordova


Great reaction :)

We had a gift exchange and Pet Peanut products were the star of the show.

— Kenny Lassiter


Everybody wants one

Everybody at our party got wearables and they were so happy about it.

— Bailey Tilburg

The Pet Peanut companion and stress reliever that started it all. Thousands sold around the world!

Pet Peanut™
Pet Peanut™
Pet Peanut™

Get your very own

Pet Peanut™
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"Lovable Pet Peanut is winning praise for being a unique and fun companion that helps relieve your stress all day long!"

It’s ideal as a gift for yourself, family, and friends, and is sure to lighten everyone’s mood. Pet Peanut is an adorable, lovable character that fits right in your hand and can be comfortably squeezed to relieve stress.

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