What is the easiest way to create an NFT with just a smartphone that I can sell on the NFT market?

Have you ever considered creating an NFT? NFTs have sold for millions of dollars.
Even if you earned a tiny percentage of those prices, you could pay your bills or buy something you've been wanting.

There are iPhone apps that can help you create NFTs.

These apps can help you turn your NFT vision into reality, whether you want to make some for your friends or try to sell them.


  • GoArt is one of the top apps for creating NFTs on your iPhone.
  • Instead of creating NFTs from digital art, GoArt converts your photos into NFTs using creative filters.
  • It's also one of the fastest NFT-making apps, as it creates an NFT-ready photo from an existing photo in a matter of seconds.

👉NFT Creator!

  • NFT Creator! An app designed for those with no graphic design background who want to produce high-quality digital art.
  • NFT Creator offers so many customization options! Anyone can use it.
  • There is no requirement to upload an existing photo as with other GoArt sites. Rather, you can use its database of graphics to create your own photo within the app.


  • It isn't an app designed for making NFTs. Instead, it makes cartoon avatars. However, after you make and download an avatar, you can convert it to an NFT.
  • Avatar-styled NFTs are popular, and if you're looking to create an NFT centered around your own avatar, SuperMe is the way to go.

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